The Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® approach offers a whole-person approach to life transformation, which aims for total health and wellness. This allows one to resolve addictions and/or emotional issues, gain a sense of hope and peace, and move on in life in a healthy and positive way, without a life filled with fear or sickness.


The protocol for the treatment of substance abuse and psycho-emotional disorders is undergoing a major change. This protocol includes the use of its Perception Therapy® Wellness Treatment Model which utilizes a Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® approach to whole person healing. The Model is combined with other insight-oriented clinical techniques and alternative healing methods to affect change in perceptions, thinking, and behaviors.

A Whole-Person Treatment Model

The Perception Therapy® Treatment Model promotes a philosophy that allows one to obtain healing of the Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment®, the “whole person”. The mission is to bring “Self” awareness to the highest level by formulating philosophies, treatments, techniques, and protocols that address the whole individual. Part of Perception Therapy®’s goal is to examine the perceptions one has about him/herself relative to Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment®, and how those perceptions produce thinking. The Perception Therapy® Treatment Model reviews those perceptions throughout the learning process, and as those perceptions change, we witness a shift in thinking, which in turn brings hope and healing. When a transformation in thinking produces a new view, all things are possible, including good health, lifestyle change, freedom from addictions and emotional problems, happiness, peace, and success. Heightened awareness of one’s Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment is life-transforming.

Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® are Registered Trademarks of Enlightened Little Souls, Inc.