Join The AHHA! logo Team!
  • You EARN 175% of Medicare reimbursement rates for your time as an AHHA Team Professional!*
  • You admit clients to a higher level of care instantly at The Wave International facilities under our license.
  • You are part of The Wave’s professional treatment team and provide continuity of care for your clients!
  • We file for insurance reimbursement and handle all of the accounting, marketing, and paperwork.

Psychiatrists Call:

(855) 268-1007

I am a Psychiatrist.

YES! I would appreciate learning more about admitting my clients to higher levels of care (Residential, PHP, Intensive Outpatient) and providing continuity in care for my clients while charging for my time and expertise as part of The WAVE International's AHHA Treatment Team!

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*Restrictions apply. Rates and details available upon request.