The WAVE International is a purpose-driven company active in Sustainable Real Estate Development, Health, Education and Personal Transformation.

Our purpose is to help create healthier, happier and more prosperous lives for all. We promote a personal empowerment-based approach to life that develops individual potential, the one true gateway to health, happiness and opportunity. By the actions of each, all are elevated.

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Transformation Reimagined.TM

Transformation Reimagined.

  • The WAVE operates dual diagnosis treatment centers for those battling drug and alcohol addiction, a medical detox center and a women’s only mental and behavioral health treatment facility. The WAVE is actively working to open and operate additional facilities specializing in the above as well as centers that will exclusively treat Geriatric Mental Health challenges.
  • The WAVE believes that by combining best business practices with a proven alternative to 12 step treatment model we will fill a desperate need in the marketplace for more effective, lasting treatment for addiction disorders and other mental health challenges. Our current national mental health and addiction crisis requires an updated approach to the 12-step model that has remained unchanged for more than a century and while helping millions has a less than satisfactory success rate.
  • The Perception Therapy® treatment program used at WAVE facilities focuses on the co-occuring diagnosis in dual diagnosis treatment and has proven to be exceptionally proficient at helping heal those with mental and behavioral health challenges.
  • The WAVE is committed to the inherent dignity and worth of each person. We treat every client as an individual and develop a personalized treatment plan to suit their special needs.
  • The WAVE is committed to being a valuable community resource is every locality we serve, offering educational opportunities to local professionals and first responders as well as through community outreach to schools and civic organizations.